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« on: August 09, 2013, 10:20:23 PM »
Welcome to the Crimson Knights forum. If you are Just browsing, Hello, if you are looking for information on joining The Crimson Knights, read below.

For Tera-
We are a endgame guild so you must be level 60. Would prefer you to have MCHM / KN20 exp, but we don't mind helping you learn. With the coming update we are looking to make the shift to a more PvP guild so we are looking for players that are PvP heavy. We do not look at gear as a requirement, but you do have to be working towards it and have the want to win. Above all we want loyal players that are active and want to learn and become top players in the world of Tera.

To apply please put in an in-game application, try to speak with one of the following in game as well:

(Note any CK member will be able to direct you to an officer to speak with.)

We ask that you have Team Speak 3 even if you do not wish to talk, so you can listen in GvG's, BG's, and other Guild Events.

For League of Legends or FFXIV please message Balmung or Kite here on the forums, as an application will be up soon.
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